How to Choose a Business Name: Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

How to choose a business name that suits you just right? For starters, make sure to avoid these 3 common mistakes! 


One of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make is coming up with the ideal name. We usually focus on thinking of names that are memorable, unique, and catchy and we don’t pay attention to the mistakes we make during this process. So, before we get our creative juices flowing, let’s stop for a second and pay attention to the common mistakes people make when choosing a business name. By avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to pick a name that suits your business just right!

  1. A name that no one can spell or say – Did you know that Google wasn’t intended to be called Google at all? The business name was supposed to be Googol, however, they discovered that the name is too complicated for people to pronounce it and understand it so they decided to change the name to Google. When choosing your business name, you need to test it with your target group to make sure it is easy for them to spell it and say it out loud. The point is your target group to be able to memorize the name. Get it right with them and you will make your job a lot simpler further down the line.
  2. A name with an alternative meaning in other languages – Here is one example of branding-gone-wrong, apparently the iconic slogan of KFC – finger licking good became eat your fingers off in Chinese. If you are planning on expanding your business internationally, you need to check common translations by using a tool such as Google Translate. If you want, you can also run a search of the name you want to use through Google to discover if there are any negative connotations of the name.
  3. A name that is too similar to another – When choosing your business name, it is very important to comply with the Companies House regulation. By doing so you will ensure your name cannot infringe copyright or be similar to other business names out there. If the name you have chosen is similar, you will be forced to change your name which is a pretty complicated process, for you, and for your customers as well. We recommend you to check the company information checker (the official company information checker of Companies House regulation) to search for potential names before you decide to use a specific name.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can focus on finding the perfect name for your business!


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