Ferret Sitting in Denver, Colorado



It’s hard to travel when you have ferrets. We know, because at any given time we have a small handful in our house. We’ve had ferrets with medical issues—lymphoma, adrenal disease, insulinoma, and just plain old age—and it is hard to hire a petsitter who will come to our home, play with our ferrets for an extended time, administer medicine and special foods, and basically give them the cuddles and kisses they’re used to getting from us.

As active members in the Mile High Ferret Club and supporters of our local ferret shelter, Ferret Dreams Rescue & Adoption, we’re around other ferret owners quite a bit. From our many conversations, we know that many other ferret owners also struggle with finding quality care for their pets when they’re traveling.

That’s why in 2011 we opened the Ferret B & B.

We’ve had ferrets since 2007. We now have four house ferrets: Jethro, Rocco, Bunny and Daisy. We have two teenagers and a cat, too.

2014 Rates

Affordable Care for Your Ferrets

$15 per night for 1 ferret  | $5 per night for each additional ferret  | Discounts available for long-term stays and large groups

Trust us with your ferrets

Leaving your beloved pets with anyone takes trust. We understand that. Here are a few facts and insights about us to help you feel comfortable.

  • Lynn is the B&B front desk. She takes care of reservations and is typically the person who does check-ins and check-outs. She is co-cuddler and kisser of all ferrets, and she gives a mean towel ride. She sometimes takes photos and videos to post to Facebook.
  • Steve is the main B & B caretaker: He keeps the suites clean, water and food bowls filled. He also is the main photographer/videographer. He has had ferrets for most of his adult life. He is also past president of the Mile High Ferret Club, which means he’s really dedicated to ferret welfare.
  • Ryan and Lauren help out with the B & B, mostly playing. They’re responsible kids, and we understand exactly how much responsibility to give them.
  • Our cat Noelle watches from on high to make sure ferrets stay out of trouble, and runs when chased.

When you leave your ferrets with us, they will have a great time! (and they’ll want to come back)

  • Each ferret group stays in a private Guest Suite—a clean, hygienic 8×8-foot space that allows them to roam freely and safely around the clock. Suites accommodate up to 6 ferrets from one household, and they can be combined into bigger spaces for larger groups.
  • Each Guest Suite contains a cage, toys, bedding, potty pads,  feeding area,  tunnel and other toys. We encourage you to bring toys and bedding that remind your fuzzies of home.
  • Guest Suites are cleaned daily during your ferrets’ stay, and all bedding and toys are washed between guests.
  • When your ferrets’ Guest Suite is being cleaned, they may get out time in the fully ferret-proofed Owners Quarters.
  • (With your permission), ferrets also may enjoy playtime in our safe and secure outdoor Ferret Playground.
  • We provide our guests with a premium kibble mix. We do not stock Marshall’s, 8-in-1 or any store-brand ferret food due to the risk these foods are to your ferrets’ health.
  • If your ferret needs meds or a special diet, please let us know.

We love ferrets, and you can trust that we will take excellent care of yours.